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Red Squirrel Group
White Oaks Aligned

Founded in 2010 as a property preservation company, Red Squirrel Group started what would someday become White Oaks Aligned and has been steadily growing its service area and client base throughout the Northeastern and Southeastern United States ever since.


Introducing general contracting and project management services in 2013, Red Squirrel Group ramped up market expansion strategies with dedicated single-family renovation teams.  More than 5000 renovation projects later, spanning 10 million square feet of renovated spaces, the incorporation of White Oaks Aligned in 2018 marked a leap forward in how we manage our day-to-day operations.

Always working to meet the needs of clients, White Oaks Aligned is ready.


Red Squirrel Group founded, providing preservation services for residential




grows to offer full scope preservation services and single-family home renovations

licensed general contracting services offered, market expansions underway

annual volume exceeds 12M$



White Oaks Aligned founded, providing renovation services for single-family and multifamily

expanding White Oaks Aligned into new markets

Senior Leadership Team
Jonathan Kelly, White Oaks Aligned President and CEO
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Jonathan Kelly


Responsible for the governance and control of White Oaks Aligned and accountable for the company’s strategic business plan, Jonathan Kelly leads with a lifetime of construction experience.

Growing up in Arkansas is where Jonathan got his ...

Diana Zambrano, White Oaks Aligned Director of Business Operations
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Diana Zambrano


Diana Zambrano leads White Oaks Aligned Business Operations.  Moving the company in a direction of innovative strategies and solutions that serve clients' needs, Ms. Zambrano has been pivotal in the advancement of processes that generate su...








Open communication, full transparency

Take pride and set high standards

Be accountable, take initiative and bring positive results

Establishing moral standards and making fair decisions

Vigilant, committed, zero harm to people

Lead by example. Respect.  Treat everyone with dignity, empathy, compassion

Always demonstrating ethical principals

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White Oaks Aligned, LLC is a full turnkey service general contracting and project management firm. Specializing in single-family and multifamily markets, we provide quality and timely services for realistic costs. White Oaks Aligned renovations, turns, and remodeling services are available for small, medium, and large scale projects.